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What's wrong with this DIMM?

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Oct 29, 2002
Tampere, Finland
Hi I just bought an Kingston 256 Mbit 133 FBS SDRAM DIMM memory, but when I put it to my Asus mobo all I get out of it is 128!! What is wrong with this? Should I just return it?
how many chips are on it?
HAve you tried another DIMM Socket?
if it is high density RAM thier is a good chance your motherboard does not support high density
I tried it on every socket, I'm not sure if it is high density. But I've contacted the store where I got it and I'm going to return it so I get my money back. I think I'm going to get more memory from some place else.
my motto....

Always RMA as soon as something is not right with electronic components.

Never be a Mac Geyver kind of people: never wasting your time trying to fix a faulty components.
That's a good advise, but I was tempted because McGyver was one of my favorite TV-shows when I was just a kid. And Richard Dean Anderson still is one of my favorite actors! :D