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whats wrong?

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Dec 29, 2001
Okay i swapped memory...that did not fix the problem...i swapped a new Antec 400watt psu that did not fix the problem. My problem is my motherobard won't run stable at clock speeed of 133mhz fsb..im at 122 now....my +5 is okay its at 4.97-5.00

ps: i got arctic silver on the motherboard (between cpu and memory) and im not sure how to remove and and scared if i remove it , the motherboard might burnout or something got a safe way?
Whats the problem? ASII its not conductive its captive, which means overtime the little glob of as will build up a little charge.... just make sure you disconnect the motherboard and and yous something like nailpolish to take it off....
do you guys think it may be my harddrive? i need help as soon as possible so i know what to fix/buy
sorry i missed you couldn't clock to 133... and in my earlier post i said nailpolish, i ment nailpolish remover...