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What's your MX score?

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Mar 14, 2001
My Asus V7100: TBird 950 Mhz, 256MB, KK266-R.


4766 (OC-185/182 - FastWrite Disabled)
4498 (Default-175/166-FastWrite Disabled)
4936 (OC-185/182-FastWrite Enabled)
4663 (Default-175/166-FastWrite Enabled)


2038 (OC-185/182 - FastWrite Disabled)
1918 (Default-175/166-FastWrite Disabled)
2148 (OC-185/182-FastWrite Enabled)
2028 (Default-175/166-FastWrite Enabled)

My previous Leadtek MX DH Pro (which I returned it back to Fry's) score was around 2200 or 2400 (3DMark2001) if I remember it correctly.

The Leadtek letted me OC all the way to 230/230, but this Asus only lets me to max at 185/182, pretty poor OC card for sure.

Please post your score so I know how other V7100s are doing.
PIII700 @980, Asus Cusl2, 256 Crucial CAS2.

Asus V7100 GF2 MX @ 220/215, Fast-Write Enabled.

In the default setting of 3DMark2000 I get 5867.

I don't run 3DMark2001 because I'm using DirectX7.0a, and will continue to do so until I have a good reason to go to 8.0x (like buying a GF3).

My only mod is a Blue Orb, but I was getting over a 200/200 oc before. I've had two of these cards now and have gotten good oc's like this on both.
I'm running AMD 950 OC'd to 1.05 G. Asus V7100 Geforce 2MX 32MB OC'd to 220/210. Score 2437 on 3DMark 2001.
If you want to O/C your V7100 more than 185/182 take a look here:

PIII 733@814 / 256Mb(cheapo) / V7100
4759 (Default-175/166-FastWrite Enabled)
5069 (185/182-FastWrite Enabled)

2062 (Default-175/166-FastWrite Enabled)
2175 (185/182-FastWrite Enabled)
3DMark2000 - Default Benchmark: 5210

i am wondering if my direct3d and openGL video settings actually influences the 3dMark2000 benchmarks. i turned off all the openGL features and only a few direct3d features r enabled once that is the best configuration for my game. Does that influences the benchmarks?

Intel Pentium III 822EB
Micro-Q PC133 128MB /137FSB
GeForce II MX V7100 210/200
VIA 694X Chipset
DirectX 8a
Detonator3 latest oficial version