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when changing mobo's do i need to format my hardrive?

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Jan 8, 2002
Boulder CO
my epox 8kha+ destroyed itself and now i have in the mail a msi pro2 ru. Do i need to format my hdd when i install this mobo? I have the latest 4 in 1's and windows 2000 sp2.
no u dont need to format your hd when moving it to a new mobo... windows will undate its drivers and what not on the first startup.

But if you want everything brand spankin new you can do a format and reinstall everything :D
It is always a good idea to. you WILL eventually run in to problems......whether or not it's a month down the road, or 2 years. It's always a better idea to format and start fresh.
As they said, it's best to start fresh. And this would be a good time to partition your drive , if you haven't allready. Having a small partition for your OS is great. It takes so long to reformat the whole drive! 2 gigs takes no time. Just thought I'd throw that in.
well currently, i have a 100giger partitioned into one 45gig space for games and apps, one 50gig for movies/mp3s/downloads/etc, and one 3 gig for os.
It is not that it takes long to format but rather that i hate redownloading the service packs/updates/drivers/etc.
i agree with all the above, i always like the fresh install.. especially on such a small partition. And like repo said just make a folder on one of your other two drives and put all the updates and such in their( i also pu my drivers in this folder). To me it makes for a quick install.