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When i get one which one? Nforce 2

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Apr 16, 2002
Seattle, WA
Ok the chaintech or the asus. I like both for the features and the chaintech for the looks. I can't decide.
cjreis said:
Ok the chaintech or the asus. I like both for the features and the chaintech for the looks. I can't decide.

Seeing you ask this question it got me curious and I went looking for info on the boards. The chaintech does look nifty and it comes bundled (warning, Tom's) with all kinds of cool stuff! :eek:

Do both boards have AGP/PCI lock though? I know I read a post that said that the Epox did not have PCI. That would my biggest question.. Because if it did, you could unlock your CPU, buy corsair XMS 3500 C2 & clock that mother up to 230 FSB :eek:

Overall I think the Asus is a better board.
yea it has the 1/6 divisor defentley and i'm not sure about the locks i know the agp can be locked. My plan was corsair pc3500 c2 :) 256mb x2
Although the Chaintech comes with a lot of extra stuff it doesn't have multi adjustments. The Epox will probably be the best if your going to be overclocking.
epox aint out yet....IMHO it's worth waiting for and seeing how it performs, unless your using a really old computer and don't wanna wait.

Epox is a great company and I think they;ll have the best board for OCing, but make sure you don't jump out on a limb and buy one, read reviews and better yet hear from end users who arn't biased to the fact that they got a free motherboard early.
I am gonna go for an EpoX most likely - their latest boards (8k3a comes to mind) is what the top overclockers use.

The EpoX, coupled with 1 GB of Corsair 3500 should work nicely. :)
I just have one question about the nforce2 boards. Everyone was making a big hub-bub about the 1/6 divider, which is used to keep the pci and agp within specs, but now that these boards have a pci/agp freq lock, is the 1/6 divider needed?
Well that depends on the person. If they want their pci/agp buses a little overclocked, then they could run the comp at 222fsb and have the pci bus at 37, still a pretty safe speed. Still, the best OC would be to lock the other buses and raise the fsb as high as it can go. Course right now they are disputing the pci lock, but I think the Asus board has it.