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When will the P4s533 be available?

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The P4s533 is listed on the atacom.com site for $116.95. It is not clear if they actualy have them in stock yet or it is there for pre order. I have read some other news posts that indicate that is officialy available in japan. So it should be on most vendors shelves very soon.

No, this board doesn't have feature for fixing AGP/PCI clock.
But, as a user of P4S333, I expect it would be a rock soild board.
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The P4S533 is available in retail stores in Japan - in fact I have one in my machine as we speak. It's very sweet coupled with a 1.6A. My only complaint is that for some reason I can't find a Windows based program that can read the temps - the ASUS probe proggie can't, Sandra can't, CPUCool can't, and Motherboard Monitor can't. Seems strange since the temps are available in the BIOS. As for the PCI/AGP question it does have the ability to lock them at 33/66 in the BIOS. I haven't personally tried it because I'm only running it at 133 for now, but the options are there.
Ordered that board too.. so Im expecting it this week coupled with some samsung ram hope it'll rock me =)
Poobah said:
Ordered that board too.. so Im expecting it this week coupled with some samsung ram hope it'll rock me =)

Where did you order it from. Was it in the USA and is it in stock here. Plus if you dont mind How much did it cost.
Ordered it in Sweden not positive that it was in stock but probably at their reseller since tehy say about a week for me to get it.. They wont accept orders from outside of sweden, denmark and norway though.

136$ at that place.
I was looking at one in a Toronto store yesterday (Thursday) so I guess that means they should be out in US too.
BTW physically it looks identical to the p4s333.
I decided to email them and ask them why.

Heres what they wrote:

"Sorry, this because the south bridge of p4s533 cannot support this function."

Does this mean, if i install a USB 2.0 pci that it won't work??
I have been checking on pricewatch and it seems that the p4s533 is available at many online sites now in the US. Prices range from about $104 to $120.
I am currios about the usb 2.0 issue though regarding whether or not a PCI solution would work in the future. I also have read that some of the earlier test bios features are disabled and wonder if any of them would be of importance. I have been planning my next computer around this board and want to wait and see a few posts from users of this new board before I make the final decission.
I saw them at a computer show this weekend. mighty tempted to get one, but it would have meant another entire system with mobo, cooler, cpu and memory, etc, etc, etc.

At that show it was about $104 and $138 for a PIV 1.6A and $75 for some 256MB of PC2700 and at least $20 for another PIV cooler. Too much for me right now :eek:(

I would be interested in some firsthand reports though as this could be a great system for SETI.