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when you say #-#-#-# ????

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Oct 2, 2002
Hazel Park, MI
are you refering to the "DRAM Timing Selectable" area of the Bios?? (Award BIOS)

mine are set at:

Cas - 2
Bank Interleave - 4 Bank
Precharge to Active - 2T
Active to Precharge - 5T
Active to CMD - 2T

what about all the other junk in there... most of it is set to "Auto"

but theres things like
Burst Length (4)
DRAM Queue Depth (4 level)
Enhance (on)
DRAM Access (3T)
DRAM Command Rate (1T Command)
Write Recovery (3T)

from reading in here it looks like i'm supose to try to get them ALL to the lowest numbers that are in there????

my memory is Corsair XMS PC3200 cas2.5
yes. I think:D I do know that you want everything to be the lowest. My bios only has four settings I can change, so not really sure about the rest of those that you have up there. My settings are all the way cranked up because I'm going for all out mhz, not fast timings. If you raise the timings numbers, you can o/c more. Not exactly sure how it all works yet though, still learning new things about memory.
ur avatar is creeping me out. . .

i did have everything at the highest settings.. i'm currently at 185Mhz FSB and 10.5X i jsut recently set it to the ones above and so far its still running stable, and now my Sandra mem benchmark went alot higher :)
in my case running Sandra, with the high # settings my score was about 200 - 300 lower than with the low #'s but then theres the ocational BSOD due to a memory dump, so ya gotta comprimise somewhere in between