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Where are all these Promised dx 12 features?

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Feb 8, 2017
Minneapolis, MN
I remember when they unveiled dx 12 and claimed it would be the answer to everything! Well so far it hasn't been. The draw call problem hasn't gotten any better. The performance isn't actually any better from dx11 to 12. Plus some of the major features it was promoting like having any graphics solutions work in tandem to increase fps has yet to be seen.

They spouted how an integrated gpu on your cpu die would be able to work along side your discrete gpu to boost quality of games. Has anyone seen anything like this yet? I have tried every dx12 game out there and have yet to see any of this actually happening or being used.

I guess I am just very disappointed that such a great Dx update has just fell flat and I personally feel like we are right back to where we were before. Stuck being a wall of DX.
they had to announce something that was better than mantle, atleast on paper.
Nothing new really.. it takes time to saturate the market with ground up new api games. Did this with dx10 and dx11 too. ;)

That said.. there are improvements going from 11 to 12 in many/most titles using and AMD card... NVIDIA results aren't as stellar. However that isn't a fault of the app as it is their hardware not being able to utilize it as well this gen. But yeah, plenty of reviews out there show improvements in some titles.
The fps difference between dx 11 and dx 12 only shows up with Team Red cards. Much like Vulcan. The GTX 1060 vs. the RX 480 is a good example. (OK, maybe the only example. LOL) Vega may change the landscape between the two, though.