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Where are serial numbers and revision numbers on Z170 motherboards?

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c(n*199780) Senior Member
Feb 18, 2002
I have the original box for Asus Z-A170, so I actually do know the serial number for the motherboard as printed on the box.
I understand that these can sometimes also be gotten using software...

But do they no longer print Serial Numbers and motherboard revision numbers on the physical motherboard itself?
The revision is printed directly beside where the model is printed on the Z170-A
My ASRock had the rev printed in the middle, under the model.
My Gigabyte has it printed on the bottom left corner.
Both z170 boards.
I can't remember off hand if they had serials printed on them though.
Thank you for the revision pointer.

So I understand that if you hold two of these same revision new motherboards in front of you, there is no way to tell them apart because the serial numbers are not printed any more on the mobos?
I think my Asus hero has a sticker on the side of one of the PCIe slots with the serial#
I do recall having a sticker on both my boards, I think it was on the right side of both boards near the 24pin power.

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Possibly the serial number here?

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Or here on the ASRock?
The PCI slot has a sticker on the side, visible only when you tilt the board. It has the SN. I forgot that's where they used to put them in the old days too.

I just wanted to say that I did do research prior to starting this thread, and Asus does have a FAQ about this.
They say the SN is on the box.
Well of course it is... and how much good does that do for 9/10 customers after they take the board out of the box?
It is strange that they didn't include the info about the PCI slot sticker to remind us what to do after we take the board out of the box, because this would apply to 99% of users.