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Where are the best peltiers for the money?

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Inactive Moderator
Jan 4, 2001
Northern VA
I'm currently running an AMD Tbrid 900@1017, but my temps are up to 46C which I do not like. I'm using a globalwin fop38 heatsink/fan, and still I'm too hot. I know my chip has more speed in it, I just don't want to go further until I add much better cooling power.

I want to start with a peltier system, just an aircooled one. I know a few places that sell peltiers, but I have no idea how great the units are themselves. I'm fully aware of wattage and how they work, but quality is the main factor. Also price.

Where can I find the best peltier for the price? Also, any recommendations for copper plates? I'd like to put a copper plate between my cpu and the peltier to all the heat from the die to spread out more. I only know of a few places that carry them, any ideas?

Also, as long as my cpu doesn't drop below ambient, which I doubt it will being just aircoooled/peltier, I don't have to worry about condensation right?

Thanks in advance.