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Where can i get a Global Win WBK38 with a YS Tech 26 cfm fan

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Jan 17, 2001
I want to get the same one that OC.com used in their april 10th Socket A Heatsink Recommendations. Or did they just mod it up with that fan?
i really wanna say they just modded it. The WBK has a delta on top of it always from what I know. Not sure though. Anyways, the cheapest wbk38 i have found is at www.2cooltek.com, you may save enough there to buy the quieter fan for the same as the WBK at other places.
thanks but i think im just going to mod up a taisol with a 80mm fan. Any suggestion on how i could rig it? Maybe put some wire through each of the fan holes and then around the corner fin where the original fan was attached by that cap kinda deal, so it wont slide off. look at the pic that oc.com has to see what im talking about.

you can just stretch the springy clips to fit the 80mm fan, also if you can't find one with a ys-tech fan and want to use a 60m fan on it then running a delta a 7V gives prettymuch the same performance as the ys-tech, maybe slightly higher.
most deaf (Apr 22, 2001 07:01 a.m.):
why, you might as well get a fop32-1

The FOP32 is a totally different heatsink.... they update heatsinks for a reason. A WBK with a YS Tech will still outperform an FOP with the YS Tech.