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where can i get a good/inexpensive waterblock?

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Mar 31, 2002
I was thinking of making one myself, but it would be a pain to get all the necessary tools, also it would be pretty expensive because i would have to buy lots of other tools. So does anyone have any recommendations?
Right now im using a delta fan on a thermalright sk6, and its pretty loud =(
Would a cheap waterblock still work better than my current hsf setup?

Mr. $T$

Sep 15, 2001
You will have slighty higher temps with your sk6 than a cheap water cooling set.If you really want a cheap block that will give Swiftech and Maze a good run for there money then the gemini high flow water block is a good choice here is a good link to a test hoot did www.overclockers.com/articles546/

If you want a quiter case then get a rheostat to adjust the air flow on that delta.

Water is not any quiter than air because you need a fan for the raditor it is just cooler.


Jun 1, 2001
uhh, water is quieter than air.

my water pump is so quiet i cannot hear it AT ALL. the only way i know its runing is to touch it and feel a slight vibration.

i dont have ANy fans on my radiator, because i bought a rather large cooler from a junkyard, its so big and i get enough air flow through it just by the ceiling fan circulating air thgough my bedroom that i dont need any fans mounted on the radiator.
if only there was a way to get rid of the water pump which is impossible i think, then i would be running a totaly passive cooled cpu.