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Where Did You Get Your Laptop?

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Where Did You Get Your Laptop?

  • OEM Site (Dell, Gateway)

    Votes: 105 33.7%
  • Local Retailer (BestBuy, Fry's)

    Votes: 57 18.3%
  • Local Retail Website (BestBuy.com, Outpost.com)

    Votes: 6 1.9%
  • Online Reseller (Newegg)

    Votes: 42 13.5%
  • Auction / Classifieds (EBay, Newspaper, Forum Classifieds)

    Votes: 40 12.8%
  • Family / Friends (Uncle Joe)

    Votes: 10 3.2%
  • Gift (Christmas, Hand-me-down)

    Votes: 6 1.9%
  • Other (Found it in box of Cracker Jacks)

    Votes: 46 14.7%

  • Total voters


Senior whose title will pier
Mar 17, 2002
I have been shopping with dell's online site since I can remember... easy to navigate and I can customise my laptop completelly. support is good as long as I get a tech in the us...

I think shopping in a store sucks because you can't barter and you can't customize... what do you guys think?
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Nov 12, 2005
school sold toshibas a few years ago. I bought my Satellite M20 there. Now they sell HPs for some reason


Nov 14, 2002
I am voting other because I did not buy a laptop, i bought the parts for a laptop. I got them from verious venders online, and then assembeled it my self.


Aug 24, 2005
Other.. Buy and sell broken/working laptops for spending cash, and this is the best thing i've got so far.. :)

Mr B

Senior Admin Emeritus
Dec 28, 2000
East Bridgewater, MA
How I came by my current laptop (which I've had for 48 hours now..LOL) is a bit of a story, so I opted for "other" in the poll here. But, the story of "how" would include several others... :p

I started out trading some high end (at the time) Corsair desktop PC3200 (the XL PRO stuff) in our Classifieds for a Compaq 17XL260. P/// 500MHz, 13.3" screen. Decent rig, but lacking in the graphics dept. :(

My mother recently bought an i6000 off QVC, and after I helped migrate her files off her old laptop, she gave me the old laptop; an i2500. Celeron 900, 12.1" screen. Even more lacking in graphics. :-/

The office at which I work...there's a woman there, works remotely from home 90% of the time...bought herself a new i700m. Needed me (as I work in Tech support for this company) to pull her files off her old laptop... After which, she was going to do what she's always done with her old equipment; donate it to a place where he husband works. Don't know the whole story..underprivelidged or handicapped kids...something like that.

I offered her both of the laptops above for her one. She said as long as they both had ethernet built in, and were capable of running WinNT...

Both did, and had OEM versions of XP (the Compaq had Home, the i2500, Pro).

So...I'm now the proud owner of a new (to me, LOL) of an Inspiron 8200.

P4 1.8GHz, 15" screen, GF4 MX440 32mb graphics. :D Just found out last night that this rig will actually play UT2004 fairly well.

After the holidays, I'll start researching what's compatable w/ my LCD...there's three video upgrades available to me (but some don't play nice with some of the 15" SXGA screens);

GF4 MX440 64MB
ATi 9000 64MB
Quadro 700 GL

I'm loving the fact this has the Modular Bay in the front...dual CD drives. That rocks.

Anywho...that's the story behind how I got my current lappy. :cool:


Nov 11, 2003
I bought 2 laptops from Newegg- an Acer 1662WLMi and a Fujitsu S6231.

The only catch in buying one from an etailer is that all tech support issues must be handled directly with the manufacturer. I don't have a problem with this, as I had a new screen replaced (by Acer) under warranty- a painless process.

Haven't had to deal with Fujitsu, though I hear thier tech support dept is one of the best.

Elif Tymes

Dec 8, 2004
Bought my "base" system off of Anandtech. Bought my Battery off of OCF, my PSU off of Ebay, my 6800 Ultra Go off of Notebook Forums, and my Gb of RAM off of Anandtech.

The End :)


May 8, 2004
I bought a few year old Dell SmartStep100n (1.06GHz Cely + 384MB RAM, 802.11b, CD-R, 20Gig HD, 14.1" LCD) off the OC Forums Classifieds for $270 :eek: Added a new battery for $90 - good as new, and perfect for surfing from "The Library" ;) ...



Sep 11, 2002
I got mine from a local retailer, but as like dvandervelde, not from a national chain.


Sep 16, 2005
I got my Compaq Presario v2000 ml-28, 512 ram, 80gb hd, 1.6amd Turion 64 from Best Buy for $780, they had a deal goin. Wish I could have upgraded the battery though.


Captain Random Senior Evil
Nov 8, 2001
The desknote- $299 barebones refurb from newegg and came with 512mb corsair PC2100. Add my spare XP 1600+ and 30GB 5400 rpm HDD for about $80 (at the time). Install Linux. Lap heatpipe unit and apply AS5. Overclock to 1575mhz. 'nuff said. I'm sure it could take Tbreds or Mobile bartons, but junky bios does not enable SSE for those and I want it to fold!

Dells- PII 333 and PII 400 salvaged from a friend. One lacks a HDD and needs a new kb still. Free.

Fujitsu- Celeron 500 Paid $600 at the time (more than 4 years ago) at Best Buy. Gave it to my ex. It has a broken screen last I heard....