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Where is Imgex.exe ?

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Mar 18, 2015
I am trying to create a live Windows 7 boot CD with this tutorial. It states in step 1 that I must have WAIK installed (and I do) and also 3 other files. I found the other files on my installation disc, and while Imgex is supposed to be there also I cannot seem to find it. This linkl states that it can be extracted from the WAIK installation disc: also a no go.

Does anyone know where this .exe is? TIA :)

Edit: Found this: https://lihashgnis.blogspot.com/2012/08/extract-imagex-from-waik-windows.html and it seems like it might be working. Please make a comment still if you have anything to add. I still have to run through the procedure to make the Live Disc and if it fails the first thing I will blame is the imagex file
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I didn't think "Live" booting was available until Windows 8.
Well the link claims it is possible but it turns out that I misread it (I think). At the very most I can say that I spent 15 hours letting the process run and then a gpu crash forced a restart and I scrapped the project because of time constraints. All i wanted to do was check that my mobo drivers had been slipstreamed properly before wiping the old install (the process finished without errors, but I like to double check). I bit the bullet and found out the install disc I made was correctly made. So now I have a custom disc that WILL update, although it is my understanding that Windows Update for 7 is fixed. I intend to try again someday but for now this project (like so many others) is on the back burner :)
It's quite possible the Wndows 7 update is fixed, at least if you start with media that has SP1 already. That's my suspicion anyway but we need more testers.