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Where is the best spot to put my flat temp sensor?

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May 1, 2002
Salt Lick City, UT
So, I'm a little upset that I'm still struggling with performance around 159MHz FSB with my Soltek SL-75DRV5, but I'm hoping it is just something I've messed up. I have a temp sensor in the box that can be attatched to the motherboard, but don't know where to put it. My BIOS reports ABSII temp, CPU1 temp, CPU2 temp ... I'm pretty sure one of those two CPU temps is allegedly the sensor right below the CPU and the ABS is the CPU core temp.

Anyway, this sensor is flat, and it seems I can fit it almost anywhere. Should I take off my waterblock and secure it right next to the CPU core? Any better places? At this point, in windows, all I can see with any diagnostic programs is the motherboard temperature (unless it is screwing up some temps and reporting CPU temp as motherboard temp).


Also, I've upped my DDR voltage to 2.6v, and my CPU voltage to 1.825... still can't get anything faster than about 161MHz FSB reliably, and so far it will get into windows only under the "normal" memory speed setting


Soltek SL-75DRV w/T1.6 BIOS
Corsair PC2700 DDR 512MB
WD 80gb 7200 2mb cache
ATI Radeon 9000Pro
3com 905tx
SBLive 5.1 value
Promise ultra66 controller
eheim 1250
Danger den maze3 and northbridge cooler
heatercore radiator
closed loop