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Where to find 1200/1600 grit sandpaper?

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Senior Member
Dec 19, 2000
I know this might sound like kind of a dumb question, but can any of you guys tell me where I might be able to find ultra-ultra-fine sandpaper? Homedepot only has up to around 600 or so, but I see people on this forum all the time talking about how they lapped their heatsinks up to 1600 grit.

Any help would be greatly appreciated, thanks.
I get mine at Ace Hardware. Also Auto parts stores have it in the paint section.
auto parts stores are the best for this, I couldn't find anything above 600 in any of the diy stores I tryed, the owners even said they had never heard of grits above 800, but I tryed the nearest automotive chain store and they had loads of the stuff
Are you making a homemade telescope lense? 800, 600, even 400 is all the finer you need to go. There is a point where diminishing returns enter in. Lapping should not be a costly endeavor. Depending upon the state of the heatsink base, I use 240, 320 and 400. That's for a really bad one. Bear in mind that the abrasiveness goes down as you use the paper. Here's the trick. When you have it a smooth as you think is will go with the 400, flip over the sheet and give it a few minutes with the paper backing. That will shine it up real nice. I use Tri-Mite Wet-or-dry, Silicon Carbide paper. I believe 3M sells a variety pack with 2 of each sheet,or something like that.