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where to get 2400+ AUIGB stepping

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unless you get a absolute brand new one then i doubt you will get one. i have not seen one w/ AIUGB yet. they are AIUCB. most 2600+ are AIUGB and all 2700/2800+ cpus are
2 weeks, 3 days, 15 hours, and 43 minutes from...now!

cmon bro, it aint like we work there. your guess is as good
as ours. just gotta get lucky. wait a while until the old chips
are depleted and then you will be almost garunteed a newer
stepping. :p
Like everyone else said....who knows. It really depends on when Newegg runs out of the current 2400+ cpus and I'm guessing they are all AIUCB. Even then AMD may still have AIUCB cpus that they will ship before they begin to ship newer steppings. We will hear about it when AIUGB 2400+ chips start appearing.
i don't really want to get one and till i can be SURE that they are the new stepping, else it would be a waste.
does anywhere have those stepping in stock ?
AIUGB 0244 UPAW in my rig :p

I unlocked it (horseshoe around the 5th L3 bridge) before I installed it.

Running on an 8K5A2+ with Samsung PC2700 @ 1.75v, 188x12.5 (2.35gHz) for 3 hours now 100% stable with Prime95.

I shouldn't have unlocked it - I now cant push it any further as my mem is maxing out :mad: & I can't be arsed taking it out & ruining my fine work. All multis up to 12.5 are available, but none higher. Tried the latest BIOS from Epox (4/11/02), but it only allowed the recognition of the chip.

25 at full load, idle was 21ish.

Me thinks there's a whole lot more in this baby - booted into Windows no probs @ 200x12.5 (2.5gHz), but was followed by blue screen of death - memory failure.

Have to wait till next week for my XMS 3500 to arrive, unless I get bored tomorrow & rip it out/relock it.

2.4gHz won't be a problem - I thinking/indicators are 2.5gHz will be rock solid also.

Not going to put anymore than 1.95 through it in the near future though.

BTW, completed 1m calc of Super PI in 46secs with very relaxed mem timings.
opakduwabys said:
Where did you buy your 2400+ at?

Komplett.co.uk/.de/.ie etc.....

Norwegian supplier supplying most European countries.

Good price too (for us peeps here) - €227

Im getting my AIUCB "9" 0243 @ 2366 with 2.05 volts..still burning in

its on watercooling and it will post @ 2.1vocre and 2505Mhz but can't run under stress.


These guys let me hand pick chips. I'm sure if you ask around you can find a place that will let you. Laboratory doesn't sell online. I can buy these and ship them out (unlocked if requested), but the current price is $193 + 8.25% sales tax plus about $4 shipping.

You need to be careful using the word "all", I have a 2700+ AUICB 0243 "9" received from Newegg 12/4, I have it running 11.5 x 200fsb on Epox N2. Will be experimenting today.