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Where to get BH5 chips!!!

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Nov 29, 2003
Montreal, Canada
Where to get BH5 memory???

Well I want memory with BH5 maybe Mushkin Black LVLII or Buffalo ... Can any1 link me a site where they sell them... (plz post specific link not only the link of the site.. the link of the memory cauz I get lost searching this and never know if it is the blacklvlII one or an other)

Also I live in Canada don't forget :)

tx for the help

EDIT::pC3500 memory
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Check the BH-5 sticky up top, it has a list of what products use BH-5, along with a link to the reseller.
vibecomputers.com has the mushkin black level 2 pc3200. 512mb

these guys are a really good canadian retailer, and have a really good rating at resellerratings. you'll be paying an arm and a leg though, these things are really pricey.

ncix.com also has the mushkin black level 2 pc3200.
2x256mb pc3200 DUAL
2x512mb pc3500 dual

ncix is not quite as good as vibe (in terms of service, i've had experience with both). vibe is a great retailer. again, with ncix, you'll be paying quite a hefty price.

personally, i'd buy it directly from mushkin. they charge about US$20 for shipping to canada. you don't pay tax, but you pay canadian taxes as well as an import fee. but if you use a coupon code like DDRFALL (don't know if this has expired yet), and get in when mushkin has their weekend sales on their black level 2, you'll save quite a bit, and it'll usually end up being less than it would be from vibe or ncix. plus, you can request heatspreader colour, and you get the cool airbag, and get their famous service. this is what i ended up doing during the summer - i got in during a huge sale on their 256mb black level 2 pc3200 sticks, and got each for US$61. in the end, after shipping, canadian tax and import fees, and the currency conversion, it was only like $210. much less than the $300 vibe/ncix charges, and you'll still have to pay tax and shipping on that...

you'll have to wait around for another weekend sale though. i think there was a sale again last weekend, where they were $72...