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where's config gone?

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Mar 11, 2002
Watford, South East england
A friend of mine has a dilemma. He was using a disk clean up util. which seems to have deleted the 'c:\windows\system32\config\config' file (or similar). Well anyway, it has left him with an un-bootable Win XP pro set up.

He is unable to boot to safe mode and has had no luck with the recovery console.

Short of physically removing his HD and installing in my rig to get what he wants to save of it. Letting him reinstall then replacing the stuff backed up I cant think a solution.

If I could get the system to boot he could re-instate all the data from the back up the the disk util made, but with no 'config' file, no boot.

I am nowhere near an expert with Win XP, I could hold my own w/ W98 but this is making my head hurt.
He could try a repair installation of XP from the disk without formatting the drive to replace the system files.
an upgrade install is what he needs. it saves all personal files/settings while installing system ones. I've done it a number of times.
Upgrade and repair installs are essentially the same. You reinstall the OS to the same directory as the preceding installation, by booting to the CD. Do not format. I would back up the files to be saved first however, since accidents can happen.
Yep I am with you, I was thinking along those lines. I just didn't have the terminology!

Tomorrow I will back up his documents onto my HD and reinstall.

I did this several times with Win 98 to get a 'clean' version of windows without lossing all the stuff on my disk.

Just wasn't sure how XP would react to the same treatment.