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Which 800mhz CPU offers best overclocking?

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Dec 17, 2002
Brisbane, Australia
Which new 800mhz CPU offers the best overclocking?

Do they all hit the same level, so highest FSB speed is more important for memory bandwidth?
my 2.4C runs at 3.3Ghz flawlessly. all on default voltage.


a 900Mhz O/C (on air cooling) aint too shabby.
The 2.4C has the most headroom to O/C, but you're going to need very exceptional RAM to take advantage of that. If I were building a system today with a mind for the next 6 months or so I'd get the 2.4, clock it to the limits of my RAM and buy some better RAM in the future. If you want the best performance right now, you might want to try a 2.6 or 2.8.
at tommshardware said that 2.8 is best choice, but i duno !
i have dilem abetween 2.4 and 2.8...
i think that i ll choose 2.4 , but 2.8 is beast ...
at newegg 2.4 - 196$
2.8 - 299$
i choose 2.4
definitly !
2.4 is the way to go.
I read on hardocp.com and it overclock at stock up to 3.3
very impressive.
(HR)Titan said:
at tommshardware said that 2.8 is best choice

yeah, thats maybe what he says for this week but who knows what he'll say is the best choice for next week.

after all, anyone who reads Tom's stuff knows that he changes his mind as often as women change their shoes.

(either that or it depends on how much of a bribe that he got from that hardware maker at the time of his review.) :p
The 3.0C can usually get a pretty easy 3.5 on air. It's probably not the best bang for the buck, but it's a nice combo. One sweet thing about the 3.0C is that at 233 FSB (3.5 gig) you can run PC3700 RAM at 1:1 for a ton of memory bandwidth. The downside is that the 3.0C has a higher multiplier than the rest of the "C" processors, so the FSB won't be as high as a 2.4C or 2.6C.
I figured the P4 2.4C would require expensive DDR, and the 2.8C is a little pricey, so I went with the 2.6C. The retail P4 2.6C was $230 shipped from Googlegear so I went for it.