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which brand

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Jan 26, 2001
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I have crucial...and just got a new PS (that was limiting my old overclock)...I got 150 out of my ram with a bad PS and hopefully will ATLEAST get 166 so my dividers kick in with my new PS. Oh and the 150 was with no added voltage at all, running at highest settings.

Although, I would have to say, Corsair XMS is the best PC2100 ram, although I would also recommend anything above it, like PC2700 or PC3000


Aug 8, 2002
if your mobo suggest spc2100 and you are planning to OC, definently go higher. Also, If you ever upgrade, you won't need new ram. Another vote for Corsair XMS. Remember, if you get it, make sure it is the CAS2 version, not CAS2.5. I would get AT LEAST pc2700, but would suggest pc3200


Apr 23, 2001
I Personally do not believe there is a great deal of difference in the good quality of PC2100 however having said that I personally tend to lean towards Crucial or Kingmax.. The Kingmax is great performing at default voltages and even with super agressive CAS2 ram settings I can still get over 170 mhz.. Crucial I consider to be just as good however it does seem to like a little more voltage being pumped through it.
I personally do not consider that it is worth paying an often increased price for something such as Corsair PC2100 for the simple reason that I am not aware of anyone getting noticably higher speeds with it than Crucial or Kingmax, if you have money to burn go with PC2700 or higher