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Which cooler is better Alpha FC-PAL6035MUC or Chrome ORB??

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New Member
Jan 21, 2001
I´d like to know which fan is better the Alpha FC-PAL6035MUC or the Chrome Orb???I ahve a PIII 700 and i´d like to know if the alpha cooler can fit on my Asus Cusl2-C board.....
Is the Alpha cooler not so noisy as the chrome orb? because i´d read that it has a super-quiet Sanyo-Denki fan.
plz help me
The Alpha PAL6035 hest sink is vastly superior to the Chrome Orb. Equipped with the 109R0612H401 Sanyo Denki fan, it is ultra quiet. The Sanyo Denki fan tests ~1C different in performance as compared to the YS Tech CPU fan with much less noise.
I read here a little while ago that some people had a bad time with the Super Orb and the Chrome Orb. They did not seem to cool the cpu at all, the guys were saying that temps were always in the high 40's and low 50's, for those having Durons and T-birds.

The Alpha's are well designed and built judging by the positive results seen in the cpu database.The higher price of the Alpha's shouldn't scare you away because you're getting what you pay for.
Alpha is the better cooler.....

Chrome orbs are intended for Socket A I think, though I know you can use them on Intel FCPGA because of Intel's not-as-strict clip force requirements. Golden orbs may be easier to mount on an Intel chip, all other things being equal. Orbs in general are good coolers for running stock speed or for mild overclocking (50-100 MHz on, say, a Duron 700) but for anything serious the Alpha is going to be better. If you're just building a system for someone else, (that will not be oc'ed) the Orb will do great and be better than many of the cheap generic HSF's out there. Otherwise go Alpha.

Just a thought -

you havn't been hangin around here too long, have you? Go Alpha my friend.