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Which cooling fan/heatsink to get?

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New Member
Mar 22, 2001
I am running a P3-600E (SECC2) @ 800MHz on an Asus P3V4X mobo....it has been running fine but after reading here for a bit I want to get some better cooling. I am using a dual fan/heatsink combo and my average non-load CPU temp is 34 C, rising to over 60 C during some games....obviously too much. What fan should I get? I want to get a good fan that doesn't take up space so that I have to move my RAM (I will if I must). From looking about it appears the Tennmax P3STF dual fan/heatsink cooler would fit w/o any trouble at all and it seems to be a good cooler. The Global Win V0S32 just looks too damn big/heavy, as do all the Alphas. Is the Tennmax a good call, or are there any other suggestions for a better fan that doesn't take up too much real estate?
FOP32-1 the best choice..but dunno do ya have enough room 4 it..considering that u r talkin about movin RAM sticks..hm
go to 3dcool.com there are lots of really cheap fans-name brand-high cfm low noise-well thats wha they advertise, check out the trex 3 stye, run cool
I had a Tennmax cooler on my previous Slot A AMD & was not happy with it's performance. I switched to the Alpha 7125 & loved it. I ran a pair of Y/S 21cfm quiet fans & the noiselevel was superb.