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which detonater

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the 758's are the latest official drivers you can try them there is also a post in the section that has a link that will explain what the higher #'s do most of the beta versions help a specific problem and should be used if that problem applies to you
good luck
Previously, I tested numerous Detonator drivers and found that by using DirectX8 and beta driver version10.80 gave me the best 3Dmark2000 scores. Tonight, I just tried the newest beta drivers, namely the 12.10 and the 12.20 which I got from the below link. The 12.10 driver sucked, it was unstable and I lost points in 3Dmark2000. However, the newest 12.20 seem to be working pretty good. Very stable, although only about 30 points better than the 10.80 drivers in 3Dmark2000. After an hour of tweaking, I got a score that was over 100 points better than I ever have previously. In the next week or so, I'll try these drivers with several 3D games and see what happens. Looks promising.

What sort of tweeks did you do to get the 100 points?

Also does anyone know what intel compatability is in the misc. section of nvmax. I have an intel chip and an intel chipset (440BX) so I when ahead and checked it. Didnt change my 3dmark2001 score at all.

The new 12.20 drivers are supose to add another menue in advanced settings for win2k but Im running winME so I cant confirm that.

The new 12.20 seem to be doing fine for me too.

I forgot to mention that if you have a quadro or have done the quadro hack the new drivers let you force GeForce compatability which is nice.
Blake, my baseline was running my P-III 700 at 1050 and my Hercules MX card overclocked at 195/195. Most of the driver settings were enabled for best graphics quality. After I ran my baseline with the 12.20 drivers and saw about a 30 point increase, I then overclocked the vid card to 205/200 and changing some of the 3D settings for performance. I played around with lots of different setting, sort of trial and error for an hour. Eventually got a little over 100 points out of the 12.20 drivers compared to the 10.80 drivers. Remember, this is with 3Dmark2000 not 2001 and I did use the default test each time. I'm going to try the 11.01 drivers tonight maybe. Any word about those? Good or bad?
With my TNT2 m64 32mb card, I seem to get the
best performance with the 6.50 reference drivers
and DX 7.

I tried the 10.50 dets, but they were a bit slower.
Havent tried any of the 12.xx series....

You want to track down the coolbits reg addon so you
can OC the card right from the display properties....
Well, I tried the 11.01 drivers. They are only a tad faster than the 10.80 drivers and a little slower than the 12.20 drivers. However, the 11.01 is very stable and seems smoother (better quality) than the 12.20 detonator. I also like the easy no hassle installation of the 11.01 drivers. Perfect for a lazy guy like me. I might leave the 11.01 drivers on for a while and see how they do with my new and totally awesome "Serious Sam" game.
So far no ill effects with the 12.2 Ive been runing them stable for 2 days now. Im getting 50-100+ fps in CS (thats what I play mostly I know its not a very good benchmark but most people can relate). Im running in 1024x768 with vsync off and these settings on
anistropic filtering
buf Reg use Vid memory
Buffer Region Extension
DXT3 Compression
Fast Pixel Copying
Fast MipMap Filtering
GeForce Accel Lines
Texture Pre-cache
Triple Buffering

Texture quality is set to high and anti-aliasing is set to 2x2

Im going to d/l 3dmark 2000 and go through the different drivers... Ill post my resaults and setup later tonight
Ok as promised I did a little testing tonight and here is what ive found. I chose the 3 driver sets for comparision because I felt that these are the ones people think of as "the best"

OS WindowsME

celeron 2 [email protected]
256Mb Ram@ cas 2
Abit Bx6 Rev 2
Leadtek Winfast 256 DDR 125/301 (modded to quadro)

DirectX Setup
LOD Bias Adjust 1
MipMap Level 12
Alternate depth buffering On
Anistrophic Filtering On
DirectX VA - Video Acceleration On
Fog Table Emulation On
Texture Compression Off

OpenGL Setup
Anistropic filtering On
Buf Reg use Vid Memory On
Buffer Region Extension On
DXT3 Compression On
Fast Pixel Copying On
GeForce Accel Lines On
Texture Pre-cahe On
Triple Buffering On

3dMark2000 Setup
Cpu Test Off
Bumbmap Environment Test Off

Quake 3 Setup (demo 1)
16Bit Color
Geometric Detail High
Texture Detail Max
Texture Quality 16 Bit
Texture Filter Trilinear

12.20 Results

1024x768 16bit 4327
800x600 16bit 4795

Quake 3

1024x768 68.6 FPS
800x600 88.6 FPS

FSAA 2x2 On
1024x768 32.7 FPS
800.600 50.1 FPS

7.52 Results

1024x768 16bit 4796
800x600 16bit 5425

Quake 3

1024x768 68.3 FPS
800x600 89.3 FPS

FSAA 2x2 On
1024x768 20.9 FPS
800.600 31.2FPS

10.50 Results

1024x768 16bit 4285
800x600 16bit 4758

Quake 3

1024x768 68.3 FPS
800x600 90.9 FPS

FSAA 2x2 On
1024x768 19.2 FPS
800.600 31.4 FPS

As you can see 7.52 blew everything else out of the water for D3D. As for openGL they are all about the same. However, 12.20 is clearly the king of FSAA. I personly am going to be using 12.20 because I dont run anything in D3D unless I have to. Im also getting to like FSAA in counter-strike and with the 12.20 I get well over 50 FPS in 1024x768 with 2x2 FSAA.

If anyone has any questions about the testing or comments Id love to hear them.
I'm loving these 11.01 drivers. Nice and stable and quite fast, even with anti-aliasing and V-sync enabled. I like high graphics quality. The 12.20 drivers gave me a little better benchmarks in 3Dmark2000. But the 11.01 seem smoother and more stable. You need to have DirextX8 installed for these 10.xx, 11.xx, and 12.xx series detonator nvida drivers to work the best.
Ok, forget what I was just saying in the earlier post... that's old news. I just got through testing the brand new beta Detonator 12.40 drivers and they're the fastest GeForce drivers I've tested so far. The quality is similar to the 11.01 version, maybe a little better than 12.20, in my opinion. The 12.40 drivers were very stable in my computer rig and they performed beautifully when the Hercules MX card was overclocked to the max. The 12.40 scores in 3Dmark2000 are more than 100 points higher than with the 11.01 drivers and over 50 points higher than the 12.20 drivers.
What the #$&* are you guys talking about with these driver version numbers??? The nVidia site only has version 6.50 posted, but I see reference to 6.67 above, and numbers in the 10 and 12 range!

I'm confused. Hook a brother up, eh? Where are these drivers?