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which drives on what channel?

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Sep 26, 2002
Indianapolis, IN
i am running a simple configuration of 2 ide hard drives and 2 ide cd-roms. i had 2 onboard ide channels like most every other mobo out there and i was wondering what would be the best setup. right now, on HD 1, i have my OS (WinXP) and that's about it. on HD 2, i have all the applications and games. i was wondering if it would make sense to put them on different channels instead of the same one. because i have them setup like this:
channel 1:
HD 1 (WinXP) [master]
HD 2 (Apps and Games) [slave]

channel 2:
CD-ROM (52x) [master]
CD-RW (24x10x40x) [slave]

i was thinking that it would work more effeciently if it was setup like this:

channel 1:
HD 1 (WinXP) [master]
CD-ROM (52x) [slave]

channel 2:
HD 2 (Apps and Games) [master]
CD-RW (24x10x40x) [slave]

any thoughts?
My suggestion: Get rid of the CD-Rom! okay if you don't want to do that you probably should change, actually there is no reason why you shouldn't change, keep in mind that communication between devices on the same channel is very slow.

I think your setup has a lot of inter hard drive copying. If the second hard drive is for backup only then your original setup is better
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My suggestion: Get rid of the CD-Rom!


*Throws screaming fit*

Multiple CD-ROM drives make the thing look... awesome.

But seriously, mbentley, that's a tought choice. If both HDDs are the same ATA speed, then keep them with the first configuration - if not, then set them to the second configuration.

It'd probably be best to nab a PCI IDE controller card, and set up your machine like this:

Primary Channel, Device0 - WinXP HDD
Primary Channel, Device1 - nothing
Secondary Channel, Device0 - Games HDD
Secondary Channel, Device1 - nothing

Then put your buner and CD-ROM drive on the PCI IDE controller card, and away you go.