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Which fan for my CHIP?

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New Member
Mar 21, 2001
I'm checking out the Thermaltake Fans, and I'm trying to decide which one is better. I"ve been looking at both the Volcano II, and the Super Orb (the one w/the two fans on it). A couple of things I've been seeing are how much air it moves, and noise of the fan. It appears that the Volcano is better (quiter and moves more air), but doesn en1 know if one is better then the other? I'm looking for some "real" advice!! Thx!

Or, if en1 recommends a fan better then thermaltake, lemme know! Thx again

I'm a first timer here, so sorry if this has been beaten into the ground. Please re-post or feel free to e-mail me with any info... I really appreciate it.
Just last night, or early this morning, I read a post that had a link to a Brazillian OC'ing site where they had done an HSF review. I was surprised to see the Super Orb took 3rd place. Though I've never used a Thermaltake HSF, from reading reviews and forum posts, the name is synonymous with "Looks cooler than it performs".

hey i got the orb its pretty much a big pain in the *** the fins come down to far and hit the capasiters on the motherboard and allso the clips dont reach all the way and are really hard to flex
hobojester (Mar 21, 2001 11:32 p.m.):
Thx... en1 else? En1 know about the Volcano?

The spec's on the Volcano heat sink are similar to other TT products so you can expect similar performance. The Everflow fan is advertised at 36CFM but is actually on the order of 26CFM. I'd expect decent stock performance and moderate overclocking performance.

Your cooler choice is an open field. I hate loud 38 high whining 60mm fans like the Delta 38. Recommend any brand like Alpha, Swiftech, Global Win, or TASIOL 4 series cpu coolers.

There are so any test that I my having a hard time wondering if they are all true. Every test rates them different. My PEP was rated at 39*C, but in my machine it ran 41*C to 44*C based on room temp & case temp. Each system is totally different starting with your room Temp unless you are using a water cooler unit. Look how easy it is to mount & the noise dba of the fan. Will it fit on my M/B?

I love it when people talk out their asses, since I doubt anyone here has owned a Volcano II. They cool MUCH better than the SuperOrbs (I have one of those too, as well as the Chrome Orb), are quiter, and a lot cheaper. I have one, and you can have it when you rip it out of my cold dead hands. Screw the whiny-*** Deltas ... The Volcano II is what you want. Quiet and efficient. I'd put it up against any HSF out there.