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Which fan for PIII?? Help..

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New Member
Feb 3, 2001
I am wondering which fan between the huge stock retail model and the golden orb that would be the best for my pentium III 1ghz processor. Currently i am running the golden orb as i broke one of the clips on the retail fan so was unable to test it, but i am planning on replacing that. right now it is idle around 87 to 91, but under stress like playing a game, the temp goes as high has 147 or so.. which is very hot! the case it self has 5 fans.

Any help would be very much appreciated!!

Mark Ross


Senior Member
Dec 17, 2000
Seattle, Wa
The GORB is entirely unsuitable. 147F is truly hazardous to your CPU's health. I recommend a Kanie Hedgehog or an Alpha PEP-66. I would turn your PIII 1000 box off until you put a real-deal HSF on it. Seriously.


Senior Member
Dec 18, 2000
North Carolina
What amazes me is that it lasts until 63c before dumping during games. My experience with Intel has been instability starting around 45c and getting much worse at higher temps!