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Which Fan For the PEP66

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Senior Member
Dec 17, 2000
What would be a good fan for the PEP66. Is the delta really as noisy as they say? I was looking at a Y.S. Tech 26cfm or the Sunon 26cfm from millisec, which would be better? Considering the Delta 38cfm but I am afraid it might be too loud.
It depends. With an eye on approaching summer in the Northern Hemisphere, you just can't beat the performance of a Delta 38 cfm 60mm CPU fan on the Alpha PEP-66.
However, the Delta 38 is the loudest and most annoying thing I've ever heard inside a PC case. After listening to the Delta 38 cfm on my PEP-66 for six months, I'm removing my PEP-66 and replacing it with a GlobalWin FOP-38. Further, I've removed the Delta 38 from the GW and will replace it with a 42.5 cfm Sunon 80mm case fan.

This will probably not cool quite as well as the PEP-66 with the Delta from hell. I'm adding a 120 mm intake fan and 92mm blowhole to my box, too. Hopefully I'll only lose a hair of CPU cooling power, but frankly the Delta 38 MUST return to the hell from whence it came.

I also have a P3B-F with an Asus Slocket on it. I'll lose an extra Dimm slot. The PEP-66 gives you three free Dimm slots, but the GW only gives you two free slots. To get rid of the *&)@+@#!!** Delta 38, it's worth it.
Thanks, I don't know if would take the noise that long. I'll probably go with the Y.S. tech fan instead of the delta. It has a better noise/cooling effect. The fan should give adequate cooling plus the celeron doesn't pump out that much heat.
I use the Y/S 26 cfm fans on the PEP 66. I tried a set of Y/S 21cfm quiet fans & they ran about 1-2*C higher. The upper one exhausts & attached the bottom one with velcor to push. I just upgraded to the Swiftech 462A with a Paniflo 39cfm 80mm fan. Believe this or not but the temps are the same as the PEP 66 measured from the Asus Probe program. It is a lot quietier, but not for a 100 bucks. Swiftech says that I can expect in the mid 30's when I Install their Delta 69 cfm fan running at 2/3 power.

The delta fans are just way to loud I only use mine for testing purposes. Go with one of the 26cfm fans it will give you plenty cooling for that celeron. I have run a celery 566@1020 1.9v since they first came out with a alpha 6035(stock fan) and never had any heat problems.