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Which fan is better for a P3 700, PEP66 or FOP38?

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May 29, 2001
Right now I have vantec FCE-6254OD and it rocks back and forth. I cant get it to sit level on my CPU. I even tried a shim and almost fried my chip cause it didnt allow the hsf to touch. I tried lapping it and thats when I found how bad it really rocked. The clip causes it to tilt up.

Am I right in thinking that the clip setup on the PEP66 and FOP38 hold it more level? Or is there any other tricks?


Thank you
You could try to put a foam pad on each corner of the HS, The PEP66 has them too and are about 2mm thick and 4-5mm in diameter. If you have a slocket mount the HSF w/o thermal goop and hold it against the light to see if it's seated right.
if you do go with the Pep 66 please take the time to make sure you are putting it on the correct way it has made space for the clamp to hold processor in so it can only go one way I had it wrong until robjustice told me and my temps were OK 1gig@1300 stable 41-45c that was with it the wrong way when I turned it around it was resting on my south bridge fan and.......whats that smell? I moved the mouse ... NOTHING ......dead .. so make sure and have good contact with die .. now I check everything 3-4 times just to make sure everything is good and plugged in