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which GeForce2 card to get? 256/MX/GTS???

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Feb 12, 2001
Miami, FL
Can someone please help filter all the confusion about these nVidia GeForce2 cards and tell me which one to get? The GeForce3 and GeForce2 Pro are way out of my league. I could care less about Twin View and TV Out, and 32MB will be cheaper than 64MB, so lets stick with 32MB. Furthermore, SDR is cheaper than DDR, so lets stick with SDR as well.

I understand that the GeForce2 MX 32MB comes in either 64-bit or 128-bit bandwidth speeds, right? Also, from Tom's Hardware review, the GeForce SDR basically performed identical to the GeForce2 MX 128-bit. Furthermore, it went on to say that the GeForce2 MX 64-bit card is a dog and to stay away from it... So can someone please tell me which video card and what etailer has either one of these boards for a good price? There are so many out there and alot of them don't specify the memory bandwidth. Obviously, the GeForce2 GTS outperforms them, but that's going over $100, which is where I'm trying to stay under... But if its not too much more, than that would be even better! Any info would really be appreciated.

You didn't mention anything about what you're going to use it for. Are you a hardcore gamer? or just an amateur gamer or no gamer or what? If you're a gamer, go with Geforce2 GTS 32mb. Nice n simple.
If not a gamer, then get the cheapest one. The GF2 GTS32 is still very fast card and it hasn't been outdated yet. so there...