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Which heatsink to buy?

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Clemson Physics Geek

Apr 30, 2001
Ok, right now I've got an FOP-38 with a 80mm Sunon on it. I absolutely LOVE not having to put up w/ the Delta anymore. Right now I'm looking at 3 different options for a new heatsink:
1. Glaciator...I like the performance and the lack of noise, but I'm worried about the weight...I have a removable motherboard tray but its not a totally "smooth" removal so I'm worried about the shaking.
2. SK-6...I've already got a Delta that I COULD just run a 7V, but I'd rather run an 80mm...it looks like I could make the SK-6 clips do that, but has anyone tried it?
3. Gladiator...half the price of the others, but the fan screws on therefore I'm concerned about setting up an 80mm on it...I don't want to have to drop $30 on one of those "commercial" converters.

So what does everyone think?
I use the Millennium Glaciator. Yes it`s heavy but the CPU socket tab will substain 20 pounds of pull before breaking. The CPU never exceeds 8 degrees over Case temperature under FULL LOAD. I figure thats Swiftech 462 performance at less than half the cost AND with less noise. A bargain by any standard.
I agree with the Glaciator. Im currently testing it, the SK6, and the SCX370(when it comes in). So far, the Glaciator has outperformed the SK6. I idle around 37C on the Glaciator and around 41C with the SK6, about 9 or so degrees over case temp. I do about 47C under Tribes2 load and Sandra only hits 48C, all with the Glaciator. I had the YStech on the SK6, I dont know about putting an 80mm on it though, the clips are made for 60mm. They cant really be bent or anything to fit like the ones on the Globalwins.
message mr b, he got a glaciator and made a safety rope for his glaciator I believe. That way if it did come off, it would not damage everything. If you have a socket a mobo, you could use zip ties to add extra support.
Thanks William, I was already thinking about the fact that I could zip-tie the glaciator to somewhere on the "mid-way support area" of my case (its an Addtronics 7896). Nevertheless, if the zip-ties kick in, that means that I've already wasted a MB.
I have a Glaciator and the units works awsome and it feels very secure. I was worried about weight and once I installed it I was very happy with it. It cools great!
I've been very happy with the SK6. I have never compared it head to head with the Glaciator, but the SK6 keeps my system cool enough to run the 1.33 tbird at 11 x 138 for a completely stable 1.52ghz (1.85 vcore).

My cpu idle temp is 42c and even after hours of max load, it will not go over 49c.

I get all this from a VERY QUIET Sunon 26.2cfm fan. I would bet a Delta 38cfm would put this puppy in the range of 35c easy, but I'm not willing to put up with all that noise right now.
I to Love my new SK6 I have the Delta on it and does a very good job of cooling my Bird right now I'm at 33C as I write this and full load temps run 42 to 45C depending on ambient temps. As far as Mounting an 80MM high output fan on an SK6 you need to check out http://www.1coolpc.com look at the Mighty Machine it's an Sk6 with a funnell adapter and a Case80HO 40 Cfm sunnon on it. They are much quieter than the Delta so this sounds like the best of both worlds if you are concerned with noise. I must be deaf because the Delta doesn't seem that loud to me. But I still gotta try an 80mm fan on the Sk6 just to see how big of an improvment it makes in CPU temp.
clemson, you should be able to zip tie into the 4 holes per amd's specs, that would definately hold the glaciator if your clip fails, which it shouldn't with the extra support. You could also do the cohesive air cooling that hoot uses on the SK-6 and get great results from that.
I'm really liking that "Mighty Machine." Although the company looks semi-shady (as most online companies do), for $50 it looks hard to beat....SK6 w/ Delta performance but much less noise.

Ok, I misunderstood a little.
Clemson Physics Geek, I'll vouch for 1coolpc it used to be 3dfxcool but he just recently changed the name because of confusion between him and 3dcool.I have bought from him many times. He's a straight shooter his service is excellent and he ships things out right away and doesn't gouge you on the shipping. I bought the SK6 from him and then I saw the Mighty Machine and emailed him to see if I could buy the parts to convert my SK6 to the MM he emailed me back promptly and said no problem and gave me a parts list so I went to the site and ordered everything and it came to like 32.00 plus shipping I thought it was a little steep but what the hell I've got to have it, well he emailed me back and said that since I just bought the SK6 that he was only going to charge me 17.00 plus shipping because I was a good customer, now thats what I call service. He also responds to emails super fast, even on weekends. Give him a try you won't be disapointed.