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Which i845GE mobo for C1 stepping 1.8A

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Oct 15, 2001
I have ordered a Dell 1.8A in hopes of a C1 stepping chip.
Well see if they are common or not by 11-21-02. :bang head

But what i845G or GE based motherboard would you suggest?

It MUST have:
1) Good overclocking stability and potential.
2) A Hyperthreading Enabled BIOS

As much on-board stuff would be nice, too, and will be a tie breaker.

This will be an inital mobo for this chip (if it is a C1.

Later in December I'll probably get a granit bay or 850PE.
This one will be used as a gift for my father (I grabbed one of the last 1.6A's - but haven't gotten a mobo for it yet!). :eek:

So what do you guys think?
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Shameless Bump :p

Doesn't someone out there have an informed opinion?
Thanks, lightbulb8817
but thats a "PE" board, without graphics.

I've seen the Asus P4GE-V , but is kinda sparse on other features. :rolleyes:

Any other sugestions?
Man, I just got a whole new definition for hardcore.

I can't help you with a recommendation because I don't know which G or GE boards can open up hyperthreading through the BIOS.

Ed, over at the mothersite (overclockers.com) found a page at the Intel site in the last week or so that will give a list of the G and GE boards with Hyperthreading support. I think the link for the article said something about not needing a new board for hyperthreading.

When you get that list you can ask back about overclocking and stability of those boards. You'll probably get better results that way because very few people are even asking about hyperthreading. Those who have the enabled boards probably don't even know it.

Good luck-

Thanks, BaldHeadedDork

Actually I do try to search first, and not only found the article you mentioned, but followed to the Intel site. ;)
It seems all the G and GE chipsets are going to be OK on the Hyperthreading.
BUT, they MUST have it enabled in a BIOS revision.

And I guess that's where I'm at with this thread (too bad I didn't figure it out sooner) :temper:

It also seems that the "G's" aren't being loaded as much as the "E's" - who knows why.

So If you are reading this, and have heard of a "G" mobo with a BIOS rev. that supports the new 3.06G P4, that probably should be on my "short list"

You might consider the Epox 4GEA+ . Newegg has it for $142 shipped. For some reason it's cheaper than the i845PE version.
Thanks, DaveB -
Thats almost spooky.

I've done a quick browse of many makes, and the Epox EP-4GEA+ is at the top of the list, so far.

I do want to check on the Hyperthreading enabled BIOS, though.:D