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Which is better Antec 400W or Sparkle 400W?

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Senior Member
Dec 24, 2001
Shasta Lake, California
I want to get something more powerful then my current PS, but I don't have the cash right now. I can still look tho, and I wanted to know which PS you guys thought was better, the Antec 400W or the Sparkle 400W?
After spending a lot of time reading around (I have the same question) , I found out that Sparkle is the best for o/c.
I got the sparkle 400w and it kicks ***.
It really does sparkle as the case for it is practically chromed out, hell even the screws are shiny.
The thing is also heavy as hell, and from looking inside its got big ol' heatsinks.

Before i got it my computer refused to start one day, and i said hell, that crappy 350w looked like a p.o.s.

So i went to fry's paid $100 for one and popped her in, and wham, started up, never had cold boot problem since.

my 5V line never drops below 5.15 and my 12v never drops below 12.25 according to miss MBM.

I'm runnin my 1g tbird at 10*140 and all i have besides that to suck juice is a cdrom, ata hdd, SBlive, modem, and network card.

The only bad thing bout it is the fan that comes with it is loud as hell. Its a Nidec Beta SL at .22A and that thing blows pretty hard.

I replaced the fan with a quieter panaflow, albeit less airflow, and now its powerfull, quiet, and pretty.

Dam good PSU.
I would not buy these at all.

I use that Comp USA 500 watter on a dual overclocked rig and my 5v line at full load is rock solid at 5.12

I gotta say for 79.99 it is a awsom power supply.....
Antec cuz if something goes wrong the fix it for free. the customer service is awesome and you can get the ps and a sweet case for the price of a 400watt Sparkle.