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Which is better Duron or Thunderbird

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New Member
Feb 12, 2001
I am a newbie and I am thinking about buying the new Iwill kk266
and wanted to know what CPU is better, Duron or Thunderbird?

Tell me what you think of that mobo in my post.

Peace and Luv:
Well, I'm not familiar with that Iwill board, but I've had older Iwills, and I liked them. The Thunderbird is probably the one you want to go for, it has a larger cache and higher clockspeeds(stock) than the duron.
I've used them both. They're both good chips, but if you plan to overclock and overclock hard, the better chip of the two would have to be the Thunderbird, it's more stable and behaves better overclocked than the Duron.

A friend of mine once stated "The Duron processor compared to the Thunderbird processor is equal to that of a Celeron to a Pentium" now I wouldn't go THAT far, but it isn't that far fetched.

I'd suggest the Thunderbird, it's better quality for your buck.
Well, if it makes you feel any better. I am able to run my thunderbird 700@950. I can get it to run at 1Ghz. But it crashes after about 20min. I'm going to try it again when I get my Globalwin FOP38 and also lower the voltage. I'd say, go with the Thunderbird if you wanna do some hardcore overclocking. Or, get the Duron if you want to do some moderate overclocking for CHEAP.
I read something on the internet yesterday, on the KT7 FAQ....
Duron runs at approximately 90-93% of the performance of a Thunderbird of the same clock speed.

Duron runs at 92-99% of the performance of an equivalently clocked Slot A Athlon

Duron kicks the crap out of Celeron at equivalent clock speeds

Duron performs at 97-110% of Pentium !!! at equivalent clock speeds

So basically, since Duron is the least expensive of the current generation of processors out there, it's the proce/performance leader.

Combine this with Duron's overclockability, and you have the processor of choice for many PC Hardware/overclocking enthusiasts. Getting a Duron is, by no means, "settling."

There's my 2 cents.

Go for the Athlon T-Bird, you won't be sorry, I think its worth the little bit extra cash, just my feelings. And yes I have both and have overclocked both, the Athlon is my choice, the Duron is sitting on the desk as a paperwieght.

Run-em cool
building my first one on a budget...debating between duron 800 and tbird 750..leaning toward the 750. hope i dont get an "underachiver"..still confused on the copper interconnects..anyone know how to get the "best" 750 tbird, if there is such a thing
They say that the Thunderbirds with the Blue die, the square metal part protruding from the top of the cpu, are more overclock friendly.

My T-bird has a slightly greenish tint to it, therefore is not the "desired" but I just got a new Thunderbird 1100 today and it has a pink looking color to it.

I haven't tried overclocking the 1100 yet, as the 950 is in as I type this, but I haven't had any problems so far with the green looking thunderbird.

Some say the difference is so minute that you can' t tell the difference. I really don't know. Supposedly the "Blue Core" thunderbirds use copper interconnects which provide better heat transfer, but I haven't seen hard evidence of this.

If your looking for a good budget system that is overclockable without spending quite so much, you may want to consider the Duron, they are very stable and overclockable.

Good luck

Run-em Cool