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Which is better

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Jun 16, 2001
Somewhere in the top 100 folders for team 32
Which is better to have the heatsink fan blowing on the heatsink or sucking away from it. I haven't tried to change it but it would make more sence to me to pull air away from it rather than blow hot air on to it.

Although your imput would be very nice to have
It all depends on the HS. My CAK38 is blowing into the HS. But usually the stock way it comes is the best way, because when you think of it, if the other way is better, why wouldnt they just put it taht way as stock :)

So yeah bassicly the stock way, is usually the best way.
Yea I had to drop my celeron back down this volcan just can't handle the heat comeing off it without the A/C on. I am going copper with a nice 80mm on it soon so I'll just wait till then and get a very nice burn in till then. Right now I'm a 712mhz. This sucks!!!![img="[URL]http://forums.overclockers.ws/forums/Public/Images/Default/E16.gif[/URL]"][img="[URL]http://forums.overclockers.ws/forums/Public/Images/Default/E16.gif[/URL]"][img="[URL]http://forums.overclockers.ws/forums/Public/Images/Default/E16.gif[/URL]"][img="[URL]http://forums.overclockers.ws/forums/Public/Images/Default/E16.gif[/URL]"][img="[URL]http://forums.overclockers.ws/forums/Public/Images/Default/E16.gif[/URL]"][img="[URL]http://forums.overclockers.ws/forums/Public/Images/Default/E16.gif[/URL]"][img="[URL]http://forums.overclockers.ws/forums/Public/Images/Default/E16.gif[/URL]"][img="[URL]http://forums.overclockers.ws/forums/Public/Images/Default/E16.gif[/URL]"][img="[URL]http://forums.overclockers.ws/forums/Public/Images/Default/E16.gif[/URL]"][img="[URL]http://forums.overclockers.ws/forums/Public/Images/Default/E16.gif[/URL]"]
Ohh well I'm going to build a monster as soon as I get the Folding computer up and going
Hey thats cool man, yeh well with your 80mm just try both ways, it will only take about 10mins if that to see which one is better, good luck!
Thanks for the help. I hate I had to drop the mhz so much my folding is going to suffer but, with some burn in I think my little cC0 will do just fine I have only had it like a week or so. I am sure this is just a part of it getting use to being run at all.
You should've really tried a search before posting. You would most likely have found quit a few posts about this. It seems to pop up quit offen. When I was running my P3123 Alpha the results were better with pulling air off the HSF. But they are more or less designed that way.