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Which is currently the best SSD drive?

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Oct 31, 2008
I've read the SSD stickies and there is quite a discrepancy of opinions in the links - and obviously some of the information is out of date, as SSDs are a cutting-edge area, so it's natural that facts and products will change quickly.

With that in mind, what is the best SSD, currently? I'm talking about speed/performance/reliability here - assume "money is no object". Preferably a reasonable amount of storage though, i.e. 64GB is pretty small - I know there are larger drives but I don't know if any of those are being made with whatever is the best chipset at the moment.

Thanks for any advice!

EDIT: This Seems pretty nice, and I've heard good things about the X25-E - Although I haven't found it in any sizes larger than 64gb so far..


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Jun 6, 2002
there is no best right now... it is between two Intel's own SSD's be is the SLC or MLC drives. then the other is OCZ Vertex and Agility line, now OCZ has two variants of each line. a bit on the OCZ stuff both Vertex and Agility use the same controller and board for that matter. Firmware might be slightly different but only because the Agility has slower NAND memory then the Vertex. Now there are Turbo labeled models in both lines. making it three different kinds with each line. MLC(vertex/agility), faster clocked MLC (Vertex turbo/agility turbo), SLC(vertex-ex/agility-ex). now the the EX's while both having MLC the agility again is slightly lower speed NAND flash.

If it were me and i was buying a SSD drive agian... i would have spend the money on the ocz vertex. if money was not something i was to worry about, no question the Vertex-EX.

**after checking around, looks like there never was/is a agility turbo model. though i do recall seeing one for sale, im at a loss right now**

if money really is no object, you cant beat
for the 1TB size and performance. if you really want fast look at the Fusion IO Extreme, the fastest SSD period with exception that you cant boot from it.

Best depends on what your after, best bootable SSD the PCIE OCZ drive i listed. Fastest non-bootable SSD the Fusion IO Extreme... Just IMO's....


Apr 28, 2008
Melb, AUS
i was reading a PC magazine yesterday and it had an article on SSD comparisons.
the ones that came out on top (as an overall) was the Corsair for its speed, followed by the G-Skill Falcon II series (for its price:performance ratio - not as fast as the Corsair but decent for its lower price).
it said to stay away from the Kingston drives as they were they slower than HDDs in one area, think it was write speed.
the Intel wasn't in the comparison but i've heard good things about them.
this is a very brief post, but one other point i got out of the quick read was to buy an SSD with Trim support, as it'll ensure the SSD runs at its max potential throughout its lifetime and won't degrade.


Jan 20, 2009
You can't go wrong with any of the intel ssd. There all equally great! Don't put an SSD in a netbook expecting the world over though. Just dropped a x25-mg2 into my friends hp mini from verizon, not real impressive performance upgrade. CPU is just to slow.