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Which is the best for overclocking?

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Mar 29, 2002
Wodonga, VIC, Australia
Just wanting some people's input on which processor is the best for overclocking. I'm going to buy an EPoX 8KTA3+Pro and need a CPU to go with it. I was thinking of getting either a Duron 800mhz or 1000mhz. I would appreciate some input from someone who has had some experience with overclocking a Duron. Looking forward to some replies. Any other Socket A replies are welcome.

the older spitfire durons (below 1000mhz) are good for breaking the 1ghz barrier stable. As i type this i am sitting on an 800 that is doin 1015mhz, and thats with a cheap ghraphics card that craps out at this fsb, i am only on 1.7 vcore, i'm sure i could push this much harder with a good gfx card.

On the choice between the two, the newer duron 1000 with the morgan core (neuterd palamino) should run cooler and has the new instrcution sets, i'd ecpect it to break 1200mhz without a problem.

An Athlon Thunderbird will do well if you can give it lots of volts and keep it cool.
As you can see from my sig my Duron 800 has been very good to me and in fact have just exceeded the stated speed to record 1136 stable. That said the AKCA stepping, which is the one I have, is really the best. As stated above a Morgan 1000 should give really good results and I saw someone had already achieved 1200 with one. The big plus about them is that they seem to get better and better with age. Mine is just short of a year old now.