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Which memory should I keep?

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Nov 5, 2001
Which ram for the long haul?

I have 2 sticks (256m) of Geil PC3700 that will max out my 2.4B cpu @ 190mhz fsb, the mem stable @ 475ddr 2.8v 2.5,7,3,3. THis mem will not run @ 2,2,2,5 190 fsb.

I have 3 sticks (512m) of Kingston PC3500 Hyperx that will do 438ddr @ 2.8v 2,3,3,7. This mem will run 2,2,2,5 2.8v 2,2,2,5 @ 380ddr. It will not overclock much more even with very loose timings.

Do to a problem one stick of the Kingston was free they gave it to me because it took soooooooo long for them to rma the parts. They also offered to refund my purchase if I was not satisfied which means I would lose the free stick also.

Your comments and suggestions are appreciated.
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Jul 12, 2002
Well, if you bought the Kingston a long time ago it cost a fortune. Might be best to send it back and get the money out of it. Or depending on how much you paid, you could sell them for 100 a stick easy enough.

It's obviously imperative to run the rig at 190fsb. The Geil allows you to run the 4:5 memory ratio, the next most important consideration. If you are asking which is faster, 190 fsb at 4:5 with cas 2.5 or 190fsb at 1:1 with cas 2, it isn't even close. The extra memory clock dwarfs the effect of the increased latency.