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WHICH Micro-atx PS??

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Mar 22, 2002
HELP!!! My friend handed me down his micro-atx case and I wanna mod and throw something in it. Unfortunately it only has a 90W (yes that reads 90W) power supply in it. I've been to AMD website but still don't understand what the minimum PS I need to run a Micro-atx board and a duron or XP...



Feb 23, 2002
St.louis area
some help

1st see if you can measure the dimensions of you powersupply

2 generally you can go to the home pages of various power supply manufacturers and get dimensions, maybe this can help, if not try calling a retailer and give them your dimenions and maybe they could help you also in trying to find one that fits... if not you may have to do a bit of modding if you have room :)

3 are you planning on overclocking this machine or not, what is the machine mainly going to be used for? gaming,office stuff,grannies e-mail? what is it going to have ? dvd,brand new vidcard, onboard vga??

4. a good rule of thumb is get the best power supply you can afford.

some good ps are as follows PCPOWERCOOLING(the best but expensive)antec,enermax,sparkle etc those are some brands you should be able to trust

hope this helps and good luck


Big Daddy Bear Senior
May 16, 2001
Denver, CO
I have done extensive research on this topic and the best one I have found is an Enlight 200watt P/S. My micro-atx case has a powerman 180watt right now and I am debating on replacing it. I have an overclocked 1ghz [email protected], DVD, 120gxb HDD, SB live 5.1, and ATI AIW 7500 radeon. This configuation does fine with the current P/S, but as soon as I had the 2nd HDD for my raid setup and a GF4 TI4600, the 3.3volt line goes dead. I am not going to give up!!