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Which mobo shall I go with?????

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Feb 9, 2001
I recently lost my FIC AZ11E to a bad bios flash. I am going to get a new mobo but I can't decide which one to go with. IWILL KK266, MSI K7T Turbo???? Can you guys give me some recommendations and experiences to help me out. Thanks.
Oh and also the ABIT KT7A with Raid. And can someone please tell me what raid is?? LOL. I am using a controller card because I hace 5 drives to run and the 4 IDE channels arent enough. Would the RAID help me out with this, I dont like having to use the card because its only UDMA 33. Thanks
Definitely the Iwill KK266, it's a much better overclocker motherboard. The performance is top notch. The only things I don't like is it doesn't come with a usb controller for pci slot and the lost of the third drive bay due to its capacitors confiquration. I was able to take the fsb to 160MHz with a non active cooling green northbridge heatsink. There's also a turbo bios released from Iwill for overclockers to squeeze out every bit of performance. The fsb and vio jumpers are nothing to complaint about really.
i too am trying to decide between the 2. i've been leaning towards the k7t turbo, why? well, to be honest i don't know. half the people i know say to go with the iwill mobo and the other half say to go with the msi, whatever dude. flip a coin!