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Which Mobo to choose?

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The Doors

Vesuvius Senior Ocer
Jan 18, 2001
Athens - Greece
I'm new about AMD, which Mobo do you suggest me?
I'm thinking about Asus or Msi coz I found with difficult Abit.

I want to replace a system with PIII 800EB, 256Mb Mem Pc133, 2 IBM Dtla307030, DVD Samsung 12x and Yamaha 16x10x40x, and I need to upgrade memory at last 512Mb.

Thanks for your support :)

I'm using the abit kt7a and am quite happy with it. I have also heard good things about the raid version if you have all eide devices. ( I use scsi ).

Just my 2 cents :)

well i also have the KT7A
it is a nice board no problems yet very easy to overclock
i recommend this board
How about the Iwill KK266-R, the only competition even come close is the Abit. I would avoid asus even though they are known for good stability. There're so many compatibility problems, tons of beta bios and take them a very long time to solved. Asus is just not what they're used to be, but the Iwill KK266-R truely is the "Ultimate Upgrade" motherboard.
asus, msi, iwill, and abit are the best motherboards out there. There is an argument for any of them, fyi though, the iwill and msi boards are the most stable of the bunch, but the others are still very very stable too. You will be happy with any of them. I am using an MSI K7T Turbo-R. Its nice, but the others are nice too.
IMHO there are only 2 choices Asus A7V133 and Abit KT7A-R. I have both of these boards and love them! I have seen to many probs with a lot of the other boards so go with one of these. Since you say your not fond of Abit for some reason go with the Asus.
Abit and Asus are no longer your only choices my friends. Check what these sites ahd to say about the Iwill KK266

Fullon3D All Star Award
"The Iwill KK266 is an incredible board that I expect will be the benchmark which other KT133A boards will have to strive to meet."

AnandTech Rated 9 outa 10
"They've climbed all the way to the top of the pack and shown the world that they are able to produce a motherboard that can satisfy all hardware enthusiasts."

Cluboverclocker " 4 outa 5... Seal of Approval........ The Iwill KK266-R is one awesome motherboard with the ability to satisfy any Overclocker's needs."

Toms Hardware
"Out of 12 KT133A motherboards reviewed Tom chooses the Iwill KK266 and the AOpen AK73-1394 as his personal favourites. "Overclockers should become very happy with the various features, so that this board is definitely one of the most powerful and flexible Athlon platforms right now"

Acidhardware Editors Choice Award! Rating: 10/10
"All I can say about this board is WOW!. This board blew my Asus A7V out of the water. This would have to be the best motherboard we have tested in the AcidHardware labs and would have no trouble recommending it to anyone who wants a great motherboard without the extra cost DDR brings."

LostCircuits "Best Socket A SDRAM mainboard currently available" title" -In terms of stability and overclocking, the KK266 breaks any records held by any Socket A board thus far. What can I say, there is good hardware, there is some not-so-good hardware and there is the Iwill KK266 the, hands down, best SDRAM board in the SocketA platform."

Hardware Central Editor's Choice Award
"The KK266 is an impressive board to say the least." "The KK266 has set the standard in terms of KT133A boards, and for that accomplishment, we're awarding the KK266 our new Editor's Choice award."

Hexus Editors Choice Award
"What and amazing board! I cannot believe the power and speed of my machine since fitting this motherboard. A cracking 11/10 score for it from me and my best recommendation."

Amd3D Editor's Choice - Rated 9 outa 10
"I recommend this board hands down to anyone considering an AMD Socket-A motherboard."

Via Hardware Editor's Choice
Iwill has another winner in the KK266...this board is an exemplary board in all areas, and is well deserving of the VIAHardware Editor's Choice Award."

Next Dimension Hardware #1 Editor's Choice
"This board is awesome! This is really going to give the A7V a run for its money as an over-clocking board."

Tweak3D Rated 9.1 outa 10
"Iwill has definitely produced a winner with the KK266. It obviously beat our A7V reference platform in every test. The KK266 is a board I'd lay down my money for"

Overclockers The "FSB Face-Off: Abit KT7A vs Iwill KK266" - The Iwill KK266 clearly outperforms the ABIT KT7A. Considering these tests I think the Iwill KK266 is setting the KT133A performance standard."

list goes on and on check out the KK266 FAQ page too


If you can get a MSI or IWILL that will allow you to set the fsb or clock up or down with out cold boots or having to RMA them,Then you are lucky.


Abit KT7A
1.2 266fsb at 150x9.5,
512 megs tiny pc150 6ns ram

Memory scores 682 and 744

IWILL can you see this abit boards DUST cause she is leaving you in it LMAO
REad a review by the the very people who host this forum

"FSB Face-Off: ABIT KT7A vs Iwill KK266"

SUMMARY: KT133A boards make FSB overclocking a real option; Iwill's KK266 outperforms ABIT's KT7A by a significant margin at reasonable SDRAM voltages.

read em and weap
use PCI 3 for your SBlive, - note that SBLive is an issue with the KT133a chipset and not just the IWILL KK266 - many people using iwill, abit and asus have gotten it working.

the oboard sound on the KK266 is hardware c-media 4.1 chip. so no CPU cycles are lost by using it (not sblive but its damn real close)- and - if you are a real audiophile you would not be using sblive anyway, would you? .. anyway - Id give it a try - I did, - I was pleasantly surprised - ( and i dont like onboard anything)
Just got my Iwill KK266 and I am VERY pleased! It performs great, install was easy and the board is stable; with the performance and options on this board, is there any other choice? The KK266 is the price/performance King! (approx. $117 at Mwave.com), go get it now!
everybody is a fan of a particular board manufactorer, like i said earlier, go with any of those boards and you will be happy. Do some price shopping. Also, the MSI tends to be more stable than the other boards, I am not sure about the IWILL, i seem to remember it getting the same scores as the msi, but both were more stable than asus and abit, although not by too much.
Thanks for your support guys,
now I'm oriented about the Iwill or Msi, for the Abit I'm still looking for the official wholesale dealer in my country (Italy) :)