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Which mobo?

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Apr 5, 2001
If you were buying a mobo today, (for instance to replace the one you just broke ~ KT7-RAID) what boards would you consider? For my purposes all components would need to be able to switch boards and it will need to be RAIDable. I tend to think in terms of Abit, Iwill, and Asus. Any thoughts on particular boards and why you like 'em would be great. Thanx.
I am really happy with my Epox 8kta3+ mobo, i have have no probs with it so far.
I am so impressed that i have just built another system based on an Epox mobo as well
I love my A7V133. Its a great board, it supports RAID and it has JumperFree mode, so you can set your multipliers and Front Side Bus in the BIOS. Its very stable, and 9 times out of 10 if I screw something up in the BIOS and it won't POST, I just flick the system off and flick it back on and BOOM! I'm back in business!

Mind you, I think most people on this board are biased towards which board they think is "The King" of all Mobo's. Some will say iWill, some Abit, some Asus etc . . . Its best to do some research of your own, as well as taking advice from the people on the board, so you can make an educated decision that is right for what you need. Good Luck!