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Which Motherboard to buy?? Please help me!!!

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Jan 28, 2002
The Netherlands, Rotterdam
I can choose between various motherboards but which one is the best??

Asus A7V266-C VIA KT266A Socket A U133 Sound DDR

Asus A7V333 VIA KT333 Socket A U133 Sound/USB2.0 DDR

Asus A7V8X VIA KT400 Socket A U133 Sound/USB2.0/LAN DDR

MSI 745 Ultra SiS745 Socket A U133 Sound DDR

MSI KT3 Ultra2 VIA KT333 Socket A U133 Sound/USB2.0 DDR

MSI KT4 Ultra VIA KT400 Socket A U133 Sound/USB2.0 DDR

I have a xp1700 and 512mb pc2700.
Im really happy with my MSI KT3 Ultra2...I killed my EPOX and was very suprised at MSI products...they make great video cards so i thought what the hell, take the plung. I bought it a local store for 79.99$. COULD NOT beat that price.

Alot of people were talking about MSI boards and the agressive ram timings. What i found was very simple. MSI makes their ram timings alittle more agressive then most boards out there. But, since the ram settings so high you cannot overlock it as much. I went from 152x11.5 to 148x11.5 and all my benchmarks went UP. Yes thats right UP. My epox i had very relaxed timings. 3-3-3-6 CAS2 1t comand disabled. Now i have my generic stick at 2-2-2-5 CAS2 1t command enable, 4-way bank interleave.

All in all for the money the MSI board is very hard to beat. Im happy with it and hoping to keep it a long time.