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Which motherboard would be best??

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Apr 7, 2001
I have a 1.2/200 and i am upgrading to a 1.3/266. Which motherboard would be best for ocingt that sucker. Also what is better pc133/pc150/DDR 2100 i found great prices on all three
i forgot i have a dd water block which needs those 4 mounting holes on the mb
I just got an Iwill Motherboard KA266-R and It is sooooooo STABLE weeeee and my temps are good 1.2GHZ AXIA @ 1.47GHZ (1470MHZ) I also got some 256 mb PC2100 Samsung works fine. I have gone tro About 3 ASUS A7V133 Boards my opinion nutting but garbage I love the Iwill they aren't certified by amd because AMD doesn't certify mobos that let you overclock AMD needs to make money thats why. Personally I would pick up an Iwill motherboard if you got the $ for it go get some DDR.

Those 2 Iwill boards in the previous post as well as the Abit KT7A board are the best on the market right now. I have 2 Abit boards and I love them. Stable and tweakable.
I have two Iwill KK266 motherboards, and I have had no problems with either(that couldn't be traced to mad overclocking)..supremely fast, and very overclockable.

There is no "best" board. I got the Abit simply because it has one more PCI slot. A friend went with Asus because it has more room around the socket.
I recomend you printout the specs of your "finalist" boards and highlight the features you want. Check the prices and make sure the board uses the memory you want. Then pick the board that has what you want. Do not buy one just because someone said "buy this", do a little reseach and get what you want.
Iwill or Abit should be your choice. Do some research and pick the one that will fit your needs best.