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Which Nforce2 mobo is most likely be stable right out of the box?

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FleshEating Bob

Aug 31, 2002
I forget.
I'm looking to replace this crappy 8RDA+ (it's an older one,barely hits 180Mhz FSB stable) with a better nforce2 mobo, but I don't want to have the kind of problems with a newer NF2 that I had with this one (Had to flash to a newer BIOS twice before I could even install WinXP), so I am wondering, which of these 2 NF2s is most likely not to be faulty on arrival?

The ones I am looking at are:

A7N8X Deluxe


Everyone says that but all the reviews prove the asus is the best, the only reson people choose this here is thats its an overclocking forum and thats the best overclocking motherboard..i also was trying to decide btween the two but after the reviews i was pro asus
If you wish the motherboard to survive, go with the Abit. I've only had one good Asus experience personally, and I've heard of a lot of A7N8Xs dying.
Abit, I have one on the way my ASSUS has been a lemon since day 1. I've done all 3 volt mods and it won't go above 200 fsb or 2400mhz.
I can't be of much help.

my first 8RDA never worked right and was RMAed
my current 8RDA+ just dropped the LAN module and I'm RMAing it
replacement is 8RGA+ in order to get the bios vdd control

first NF7-S rev 2 won't take ANY changes to the bios, it is RMAed

Sure wish you have better luck than I've had. :cool:

PS, I would pay extra dollars to get a little quality assurance outa those folks. Save on RMA returns alone would be worth about $30 for me on nForce2 mobos thus far.
ok where can you grab the nf7-s and be sure you're getting rev2? i see 3 nf7s's @ newegg but none specify rev2?

*edit* ok my bad, only one of them is nf7 s. but still doesn't specify if it's ver2. so i'm guessin it's not?

Thanx, sorry for the threadjack

the ones at excaliberpc are guaranteed v2.0, plus when you buy something there until the end of may you get entered for some drawings, and it's about the same price too ($125 shipped vs. $124 shipped)
eXcaliberpc is great right up to the time you have a problem. Then they send you off to see Abit. I saw my new NF7-S rev2 for a couple days before I determined it had a problem that required it be RMAed.

eXcaliberpc going to help? no way! They send you off to see their supplier. Excuse me, you didn't buy it from their supplier? It isn't eXcaliberpc's problem!! I'll be lucky to have a working NF7-S in a month.

Go buy it a Newegg or MWave or somewhere else that carries a little about their costumers. eXcaliberpc has the worse customer service I've seen anywhere. And you can tell 'em I said so!!

PS. I just called my credit card company and have made the eXcaliberpc charge a disputed charge and they will contact eXcaliberpc. No charges till the dispute is resolved.
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