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Which NVidia Drivers???

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Mar 18, 2002
i remember reading on the forums that the 28.32 XP Det. driver are crap...and a recommended driver...however i can't find the post...could someone tell me which XP Det drivers are the best???

That really depends on your hardware... it different for everyone. My best 3dmark score came with the 28.32 driver. 27.52, 27.20, and 23.11 have also given me good performance. You'll have to just test 'em out and see....

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Try the 27.70 they are the betas but seem to work the best, atleast with the via chipsets.
alrighty then...thanks

nice handle too...although your spelling could use a little work...just kidding:p
28.32's fixed the glitch with the new Pixel shader test in SE 3Dmark for me. My scores dropped 40 points to 7581 but it seemed smoother on all but the vertex shader test. (lil' guys cappin each other) And just wondering... my frames on "Nature" have dropped by 8-10 FPS since updating to 3Dmark2001SE. Test looks the same to me. ?