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Which One is BETTER?

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Jan 22, 2002
At Fry's they have two combo:
1700+ XP with FIC AN11 --> $169 (Architech quantispeed BARE CPU)
1800+ XP EPOX 8KHA+ --> $199 (Architech quantispeed BARE CPU)


there's a RAM on sale:
512mb DDR PC 2100 - 266mhz --> $104 (no brand was told)

so which combo should i get and is that stick of RAM a good deal?

As much as i would shop around in the website www.newegg.com because i've heard it's cheaper ... but my mom wouldn't trust me to use her credit card on such thing unless she knows about it as much as i do.... :-( ... which would take a while...
Seems liek either way you go your saving the same amount.

I would go with the 1800+/epox combo for two reasons. First, the 1800+ is a beter overclocker tahn the 1700+. Second is that not too many people use the FIC board. The Epox board is a proven performer where as the FIC board has rarely been mentioned (from what I have seen).

But if money is an issue as long as you make sure you get NEW not repackage/returned items the 1700+/FIC should do you nicely as well.... i think....

EDIT: MOM, let the kid buy from newegg.com i have ordered many times from there and so have others from this and otehr forums. the only complaint I have seen so far has been minor or involved refurbished items. but newegg.com is the first place i go to when looking for parts. GO TO NEWEGG from what I hear the only 2 good things from Fry's are the occansional deals and the lax return policy. there employees arent al that willing to help they reuse returned merchandise to sell as new and the dont test. taht is what I have heard. so anybody cant refute my statements but 90% of people seem to agree.

and if you are worried about you or your son not knowing enough to make a wise computer decision go with newegg.com Fry's could create a much more severe headache than ordering from a reputable reseller could like newegg could.

peace, i will shut my trap now and go eat
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