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Which one of these HSF's would work out best for me?

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Jun 21, 2001
Ok...here we go :)

the objective: good, quiet performance, for a bargain price (<30). I understand that a Sk6 would be better, but i simply cannot afford it...im only 15; an extra 20 bucks is a fairly sizeable amount. Beyond that, to my research, I have yet to see any huge differences between this group of fans, and the more highly rated Sk6's, etc...if heat does become a problem, i can always let up on the throttle...or open the case and put a 2ft fan beside it hehehe :D

btw, it is for a 1.2ghz (or maybe 1.0) tbird, to be OCed to 1.4ghz+

From my research, I have found these to be my options thus far: GlobalWin FOP 32-1, GlobalWin WBK38 (with a new fan...i h8 deltas), Taisol CGK 742092, or ThermoSonic ThermoEngine

Anyway, with that WBK, if i get it, I will remove the delta, and replace it with a (QUIETER! yay) 80mm case fan...the switch works fine, you can even use Globalwin's clips.

As for the 32-1 and CGK, I've read that their performance levels are fairly close, though i am not sure as to which is best.

And the ThermoEngine seems to have gotten raving reviews from everyone except Overclockers.com...hmmmm...btw, if i get this unit, it will not be with the delta.

note: oddly enough, Radiate says that the WBK38 has more C/W than the FOP 32-1...how can this be?

It seems as if any one of these would work well enough. But, im really not sure...what do y'all think?

If your gonna go for the thermoengine it works best with a delta but I hear (or more to the point don't :D ) what your saying about noise. I would say it's a toss up between the wbk with say a 47cfm 80mm ys-tech fan or the Taisol cgk760 instead of 740 as the 760 has a copper insert in the bottom which works really well, I would go for the 47cfm ys-tech for that as well.
save your money and go w/ the wbk38, works very well w/ the 80 mm fan.

the only way that the thermoengine is better than the wbk is if they both have the delta's on them. w/ the quieter fans the wbk kicks the thermoengines butt. it just isn't big enough to handle the 80 mm fans and the smaller fan on the thermoengine just doesn't cut it if you want superior cooling.

alright that's awesome!!

good good...wbk38 with a quieter 80mm seems to be the way to go...most ppl recommend it :)

and i know it should work, b/c my friend runs that HSF on his 1.1ghz OCed to 1.45...load @ around 50-55C, dependin on ambient temp (which is good)

alright...wbk seems to be good...unless someone has some contrary points to make? I'm wide open to suggestions :)

thanks again,
The wbk is very good, 80mm fans work better on it than they did on the FOP as it's bigger and doesn't have the cut outs. go for around a 40-50cfm 80mm fan. It won't be that loud (not as bad as a delta, louder than the 27cfm ys-tech but not as high pitched)