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Which one to get?

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May 7, 2003
Ohio, USA
I plan on building my own comp for the first time. Anyway what i cant really decide to get the xp 2600+ or a diffirent one. I want to use this for gaming mostly. So whats the best for around $150 or less?

Im also thinking on useing the Asus A7N8X Deluxe motherboard and thoughts on a driffent one?

By the way no planes currenty to do any overclocking.
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Get a 1700, its "THE THING TO DO "

Im gettin one and im sure the money u save can go on more RAM or even a better GFX card :)

Also when u decide to overclock itll be ready and waitin for some serious superchargin' heh heh

Good luck

And welcome to the forum (noone welcomed me :( ;))
For the motherboard I would say this

1 abit nf7
2 epox 8rda
3 asus a8n7x


1 Barton 2800 or 2500
2 tbred 2100
3 DLT3C 1700

Power supply

1 Antec
2 Sparkle


1 slk series from thermalright
2 80 cfm 80mm fan


1 Cosair
2 Hyperx
3 twinmos
I tend to agree with jonspd. If this is the first time you have ever built a machine, you always want to remember to not skimp on the motherboard, the ram, the cpu, or the power supply. These are the most important components in the box, and if you buy well, will serve you well. If you dont have the money to go top of the line in all these areas, make sure you don't skimp on the motherboard, or the PSU. The motherboard is what keeps everything running in the machine, and if you get a bad power supply, it could cause a lot of instability issues at stock speeds. Good luck on your first build, and:

Thanks guys..

I think i'll go with the 2500 Barton and probably a Abit NF7.