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which one to send back

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Dec 2, 2001
so i just recieved a 512 stick of xms3200c2 and a stick of xms3500c2. one of them is going back to newegg. just check the website and the price of xms3500 just went up $35.00, glad i bought a couple of days ago when the price difference was only 10 dollars. problem is my current mb is having some issues getting up to 200 to really test out which one is better.

putting together a new system that can test it out for sure but don't know when i will have the parts so maybe some people with some experience running xms3500 can post their feedback. have heard mixed reviews about the xms3500, but seems like a lot of the negative comments are coming from people with abit boards. i know xms3200 is nice, almost all would agree.

the system i am putting together:

antec 1040
asus P4PE
p4 2.53b (hopefully hitting 3)
alpha 8942 w mechatronic 53cfm rheostated
1x512 corsair xms3200 or xms3500
radeon 8500
maxtor d740x 40gig
wd300bb 30 gig
wd800jb 80 gig
lite-on 40x
win2000pro & winxppro dual boot



Moderator #666
Nov 13, 2001
Could you have someone else, (you trust) run the memory in their sys to "Test" it for you? With your supervision of course.


Dec 2, 2001
i talked to newegg they said i have a month to return the memory i do not want, so i will just wait to test thing out i guess. i wonder if i return the xms3500 now if i get an extra $30 back since the price just increased...


Jul 6, 2002
you wont u will only be refunded the actual price u paid or the value of it if its lower then teh actual price u paid....i think that was neweggs policy or u just get refunded the same amount u paid.